Bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan


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Bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan

What is the first thing that comes to your mind looking at this picture? For me it is many things, however the first is tranquility. followed closely by flexibility, the unknown and strength. Bamboo to me is something that starts off quite small and flexible, but ends up strong and tall, even though it is located along an unknown path. Perhaps a metaphor for all of us as we go about our week. No matter how small and insignificant you may feel, remember through flexibility and courage to follow your path you will eventually come out strong. Have a great week everyone!

(Photographer unknown)


Surviving the Subarachnoid



“Your so lucky to be alive”…if I had a dollar for every time someone has said that to me, particularly surgeons, nurses and my g.p., I would be a multi-millionaire!  It came and went and quickly as it arrived, one minute I was sitting talking to someone, the next minute I was in an ambulance being sped to awaiting neurosurgeons.  The first inkling of something amiss, was a squealing noise in my left ear, followed by a pain in the top of my head, that was indescribable quickly backed up with persistent and continual vomiting, the likes of which I had never endured.

“It’s life threatening …you will be whisked to theatre for surgery now..then you will be in the intensive care ward for two weeks”…What!! I don’t have time for this!! What the hell are you talking about?? And so the adventure began……………..


To be continued…….


I don’t know about you, but February already…where has the start of 2013 gone?? How are those new years resolutions going right about now? It barely feels like  New Years Eve was on our doorstep, when pen in hand I wrote down my intentions for my year ahead! Doesn’t seem like the ink has dried on that expansive list….how are your intentions going?