“Your so lucky to be alive”…if I had a dollar for every time someone has said that to me, particularly surgeons, nurses and my g.p., I would be a multi-millionaire!  It came and went and quickly as it arrived, one minute I was sitting talking to someone, the next minute I was in an ambulance being sped to awaiting neurosurgeons.  The first inkling of something amiss, was a squealing noise in my left ear, followed by a pain in the top of my head, that was indescribable quickly backed up with persistent and continual vomiting, the likes of which I had never endured.

“It’s life threatening …you will be whisked to theatre for surgery now..then you will be in the intensive care ward for two weeks”…What!! I don’t have time for this!! What the hell are you talking about?? And so the adventure began……………..


To be continued…….